Zimbabwean footballer Tendai Ndoro loses house, cars to ex-wife after registering properties in her name

Zimbabwean footballer Tendai Ndoro loses house, cars to ex-wife


Zimbabwean footballer loses house, cars to ex-wife after registering properties in her name
Emmanuel Ayamga.
Zimbabwe international Tendai Ndoro has reportedly gone bankrupt after losing all his properties to his ex-wife following their divorce.

Zimbabwean footballer Tendai Ndoro loses house, cars to ex-wife after registering properties in her name

The 36-year-old is said to have registered his properties in the name of his South African partner, Thando Maseko.

Ndoro and his wife, who is a model, used to live in South Africa in the footballer’s multi-million dollar Kyalami Estates in Johannesburg.

However, following their divorce, the footballer is said to have lost all his cars and the apartment to her.
Ndoro spent the better part of his playing career in South Africa, where he played for Cape Town City, Orlando Pirates, Black Aces and Ajax Cape Town.

He also made a fortune when he earned a transfer to Asia, lining up for Omani top division side Al-Orouba.
According to a report by Zimbabwean portal Soccer24, the veteran forward has been struggling financially since his divorce.

A source close to the footballer is quoted as saying that all his properties have gone to his ex-wife, since he registered them in her name.

“As you know, Tindo (Ndoro) was married to Thando. But they didn’t have the best of marriages, they were always fighting. Despite that, he registered the house he had here in South Africa and the luxury cars they had, under the lady’s name,” the source said.

“So when they had a fall-out, he lost everything to Maseko, which explains the situation he is in now.”
Meanwhile, Ndoro is said to have received some financial help from the owner of Mpumalanga Black Aces, Geroge Morfou.

His Zimbabwean teammate and Aston Villa midfielder Marvelous Nakamba is also reported to have given him some money.

I don’t know when some men will stop being foolish with respect to handling of property?

1. By registering all his property to his wife alone, he shot himself on the foot.
2. You don’t marry a celebrity and take that kind of risk. Most celebreties’ marriages don’t last long. They easily break up for genuine and non-genuine reasons.

Some ladies are just very wicked. Even if the court awards the lady all the property, shouldn’t she give her ex husband some of those properties as those are all his life property or investment?
The way some countries protect women against the men is very disturbing. Women can easily lay claim on their husbands property or wealth, but you will never see where a man is laying claim to a woman’s property or wealth even if she is wealthy.

I believe there is injustice here.

If a couple should divorce, the things they acquired or owned together should be shared fairly. Even if the man cheated on his wife.
In advanced climes, a lady will be married to a wealthy man for just a few years, yet if divorcing him, she will be claiming so much from that man’s property and wealth.
Very soon I will be coming up with an article on how to protect both spouses in time of legal litigations revolving around divorce.

Even if the man cheated on her, collecting all the man’s property is a very severe judgement.
Friends, please what’s your take on this?

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