The Five Jobs In Africa That Have The Best Wife Material Women And Why

The Five Jobs In Africa That Have The Best Wife Material Women And Why

  1. Maids

They are mostly referred to as house helps or domestic managers. Any man that gets to marry a former maid can count himself lucky. These women are very submissive.

They also have a lot of experience in running a home because they have spent a better part of their lives doing domestic work and taking care of children.

To many of them, getting the opportunity to run a home of their own is a great privilege. They make perfect wife material women.

  1. Primary School Teacher

There is no doubt that female primary school teachers love children. They also know how to discipline them with love. That is an invaluable wife material quality.

Since their salaries are relatively low, they are very good at budgeting. They are not very expensive to maintain. A wife who is a primary school teacher will not dent your pocket.

You will not find female primary school teachers in clubs partying their weekends out. Instead, they will be at their respective houses taking care of their homes, husbands, and children.

  1. Nurses

Nurses are used to taking care of other people and they normally transfer the same to their homes. Every man needs a wife that is caring because she will attend to all his needs without complaining.

Another important trait of nurses is that they don’t mess around with many men because they understand the health implications involved. Any time they find themselves in situations where they are supposed to make love, protection is always key.

If you are a man that is involved with a nurse, do not develop second thoughts; wife her.

  1. Chef/Cook

Every man deserves a woman that is a good cook because food is the key to man’s heart. A chef already knows how to cook giving her an added advantage.

As a man, you don’t have to think twice if your paths cross with that of a female chef.

  1. Accountant

Any family must be able to manage its finances well and having an accountant as part of the family will guarantee financial discipline. Many women have a challenge managing finances but not accountants.

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